Fuyu Recipes: Simple, Healthy, Delicious.

Fuyu Persimmons:  Simple, Healthy, Delicious.

Persimmons are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, and rich in fiber. Also, they’re almost fat free! Here are a few delicious suggestions for Fuyus. Enjoy! – Carmelo Sigona.

  • Eat them out of your hand, unpeeled, as you would an apple.
  • Toss Fuyus into salads for a hint of fall sweetness. They pair well with spicy or bitter greens like arugula, tossed with pecans and goat cheese.
  • Dress up a cheese plate with glowing orange persimmon slices. Selection suggestion: nutty Gruyere, thinly sliced prosciutto, and toasted walnuts.
  • Put a new spin on salsa; combine chopped Fuyus with red onion, tomatillos, cilantro, and Serrano chilies.
  • Top cold or hot breakfast cereal with persimmon slices or cubes.
  • For an autumn salad, mix cubed Fuyu with grapes, pomegranate seeds, cubed apple and sliced kiwi.
  • Top hot or cold cereal with little pieces of bright orange Fuyu.
  • Salsa is great when chopped Fuyu, onion, tomatillo, cilantro, and chili Serrano are mixed together.
  • For another salad option, try roasted beets, sliced Fuyu persimmons, arugula, crumbled goat cheese, and candied pecans drizzled with balsamic vinegar (we recommend a pomegranate-infused balsamic).


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