Fuyu & Hachiya Persimmons…What's the Difference?

The Fuyu is firm, squat and rounded. It should be eaten when firm and crisp, like an apple. They have a spicy-sweet flavor that some say is like brown sugar. Others taste a blend of mango, papaya and apricot. A helpful tip: Fuyu starts with F and should be eaten with Firm.

The Hachyia is longer and heart shaped. It should be used when it’s soft, almost squishy, similar to how a water balloon feels. The softer they get, the sweeter they get. They’re best used for baking.

Locally grown persimmons are in season now, coming from Fresno. As the season progresses, we’ll have persimmons, both Fuyu and Hachiya, from local growers in Morgan Hill, too. Looking for persimmon recipes? We have a lot to choose from. Follow the link and enjoy!

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