Robbie Sigona's Produce Tips: Oyster Mushrooms

Robbie Sigona’s Produce Tips: Oyster Mushrooms

  • How to pick a great Oyster: Good-quality Oyster mushrooms are gray-brown in color, are dry and have smooth, firm caps with firm plump white stems.
  • What to avoid: Pass over Oysters that are wet, dark-brown, bruised or have spots of mold. It may be a fungus, but you don’t want mold on it!
  • How to store Oyster Mushrooms: Oysters may be stored in plastic or paper bags inside your refrigerator for up to two weeks. If stored in a paper bag, make sure the end is closed. You can extend your mushroom’s storage life by placing a dry paper towel in with the mushrooms to help absorb any extra moisture.
  • Usage: Oysters are generally cooked with meats, omelets and stews. They’re used often in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine.

Robbie Sigona is our produce buyer. He works with local farmers and scours the market for the very best in fresh fruits and vegetables — some you won’t find anywhere else.

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