Robbie Sigona’s Produce Tips: Cherimoya

Robbie Sigona’s Produce Tips: Cherimoya

  • We have the Bay variety of cherimoya in stores now from the Santa Barbara hills.

    When selecting a Cherimoya, keep in mind that a ripe fruit will be heavy for its size and have a slight give (yet shouldn’t feel too soft or squishy).

  • Surface scars are ok – they’re likely from the branches, twigs and leaves surrounding the cherimoya while it grew on the tree. Avoid fruits that have large dark areas that have a more bruise-like appearance.
  • A cherimoya that has a slight give near the stem end will be perfectly ripe in a day or two.
  • Store cherimoya at room temperature until soft…similar to how you’d store a not-quite-ripe avocado.
  • When ripe, you can store cherimoya in the fridge for up to 5 days – be gentle with them, though.
  • The Bay variety is a great eating variety, known for its sweeter/less-acidic flavor and juicy, creamy texture.
  • There are several ways to eat cherimoya (here are a few recipes), but if you want to keep it simple, serve chilled cherimoya in the half-shell and use a spoon to scoop out its creamy flesh (scooping around the seeds, of course!).

Robbie Sigona is our produce buyer. He works with local farmers and scours the market for the very best in fresh fruits and vegetables — some you won’t find anywhere else.

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