Sigona's Tips for Healthy Living: Proteins: Lean, Mean (and critical!) Building Machines

Tips for Healthy Living from Lite for Life

Sigona’s has partnered with Lite for Life, a local weight loss company, to share tips with you about taking a natural and healthy approach to eating and weight management that will help you achieve and maintain control for life. — Carmelo Sigona

Lite for Life Tip #4:   

Proteins: Lean, Mean (and critical!) Building Machines

Don’t skip the protein. While eating a balanced diet eliminates the need to bulk up on heavy protein powders or supplements, it is critical you consume enough lean and varied protein to provide your muscles, bones, and soft tissues with the essential building blocks to maintain, repair, or build healthy tissue.

Protein also helps you to feel full, helping you to feel more satisfied when you eat and keeping your blood sugar stable the whole day. If you prefer not to eat animal products, be sure to incorporate a variety of legumes, soy, nuts and seeds into your diet to ensure adequate intake.

Note from Carmelo: One of the things I’ve found for myself, in the last couple of years, is how much better I feel when eating several ounces of beef a couple of times a week. I’m eating our grass-fed beef (42% less saturated fat), and find that recoveries from a weight workout are quicker and I feel stronger with more energy.

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