Recipe: Orange-Cantaloupe Fizz Drink

Recipe: Orange-Cantaloupe Fizz Drink

Sigona’s customer Daryce submitted the following recipe featuring our Marianne’s Cantaloupe ice cream, made with Turlock, Cali.-grown cantaloupe. Daryce says, “I created the most wonderful dessert with Marianne’s cantaloupe ice cream…great for a luncheon or a warm evening.” Here’s the recipe:

Orange-Cantaloupe Fizz

  • Squeeze the juice of one medium or large orange into a water glass or parfait glass (be sure to use the juice of a freshly cut orange…not from a container).
  • Add a generous portion of Marianne’s cantaloupe ice cream (frozen hard).
  • Pour cold fresh sparkling mineral water (or club soda) slowly over the ice cream and stir a little to bring the orange juice to the top.
  • Garnish with edible flower petals. Serve with a small biscotti or two.

Thanks, Daryce!

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