Central Coast Creamery Seascape Wins Best in Class at World Cheese Contest

Central Coast Creamery Seascape Wins Best in Class at World Cheese Contest

Award-winning artisan cheese is available today at Sigona’s Farmers Market.


Come on it to Sigona's to try Central Coast Creamery's award-winning cheese, Seascape.

We have very exciting news to share from one of Sigona’s many talented vendors. Central Coast Creamery, makers of artisan cheeses aged to perfection, recently announced that they won the coveted Best in Class Award at the World Cheese Contest hosted in Madison, Wisconsin.

Seascape, a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted cheese comprised of cow and goat milk, was the big winner out of a whopping 2,313 entries. While all Central Coast Creamery cheeses submitted by the company scored well, Seascape took the top honors in the hard-mixed milk category with a blistering score of 98.70.

Hometown Heroes

Central Coast Creamery – Sigona’s friend to the south located in Paso Robles – is the brainchild of Reggie Jones. His company is dedicated to using only California milk from animals that are never treated with harmful hormones. Every product is made in small batches to provide fromage connoisseurs with an unrivaled and truly American cheese.

This dedication to perfection is demonstrated in the company’s award-winning Seascape cheese. The delicate blend of cow and goat milk creates a semi-soft cheese with a sleek, creamy texture and noticeable tanginess. A pure brushed rind aged for a minimum of four months provides the perfect home for a perfect cheese.

Where You Can Find It

Is Sigona’s Farmers Market currently carrying this best-in-class winner? You betcha!

But what’s really cool is that Reggie produces cheeses exclusively for our stores. Our Moo-Na Lisa, a creamy Gouda Gruyère, and the Moo-Ney, a mild and creamy white cheddar, can’t be found anywhere else. Each exclusive cheese is consistently among our top-10 sellers. Come on in today to taste these amazing delicacies for yourself.

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