Robbie’s Produce Tips: Heirloom Cantaloupe

Robbie Sigona, produce buyer for Sigona’s Farmers Markets.

How to select the perfect heirloom cantaloupe:

  • To find a ripe heirloom cantaloupe, look for a golden color under the netting and a golden hue in the stripes. As they ripen the ridges actually turn from green to the yellow color of the melon.
  • As with all melons, it should be heavy for its size.
  • Press gently on the end opposite the stem; there should be a slight give.
  • Smell your melon! You should easily sense a pleasant, sweet fragrance.

How to store:

  • Heirloom cantaloupes are vine-ripened (the stripes will be more golden) so be sure to store yours in the refrigerator once you get it home, which will stop the ripening process.
  • Once cut, keep the melon refrigerated. Cover cut melons with plastic wrap or in an air-tight container and store for no more than 3 days. Allow chilled melon to come to room temperature before eating (this enhances the flavor).

– Robbie Sigona is our produce buyer. He works with local farmers and scours the market for the very best in fresh fruits and vegetables — some you won’t find anywhere else.

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