Robbie’s Produce Tips: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

  • Now that we’re transitioning from summer to fall, it’s time to start thinking about autumn fruits and veggies.
  • Pomegranates: Now is the season for wonderful varieties featuring dark-red insides perfect for eating out of hand.
  • Fuyu persimmons: These ripened beauties are just around the corner.
  • Oregon pears: A vast variety of the best pears you’ve ever tasted are waiting for you.
  • Fresh cranberries: You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy them.
  • Our local veggies are also looking fantastic right now. We have:
    • Lacinato kale
    • Green and red Swiss chard
    • Asian Yu-choy, Gai-lon and baby bok choy
  • Don’t forget about our roots perfect for soups: Parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, celery root and more are all looking great!

– Robbie Sigona is our produce buyer. He works with local farmers and scours the market for the very best in fresh fruits and vegetables — some you won’t find anywhere else.

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