Instacart Testimonials


(Pictured: Luisa Ormonde of Luisa’s Catering)

I’ve been using Instacart for a few months now and absolutely love the service. As a personal chef and caterer, as well as being someone who loves to cook fresh homemade meals everyday for myself and my husband, the convenience of ordering online along with the time saved from shopping is extremely helpful. One night as I was about to place an order, I noticed with delight that Sigona’s was listed as one of the available stores to shop from. I was ecstatic to see this latest store addition to Instacart! I immediately placed my order with Sigona’s, ordering a few of our most favorite and frequently purchased items such as Honey Hole Blackberry Honey, Baba Joon’s Walnut Chocolate Chews (delicious  gluten free cookies) and wild king salmon (very fresh!). How wonderful to have all these local items delivered right to my doorstep whenever I need them. As much as I enjoy shopping at both of Sigona’s lovely open air market locations, I know I’ll be using their delivery via Instacart quite often, especially with the holidays coming up!


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