John’s DFN Pick: Wild Black Walnuts

John Sigona has been our dried fruit and nut expert for over 35 years.

John Sigona has been our dried
fruit and nut expert for
over 35 years.

New Crop Black Walnuts–Best Price in 2 Years! Wild, Hand-Harvested, Indigenous Black Walnuts

$1.99 (4oz.) Regular $4.99

(Sale price good Jan. 13-19, 2016)

This is probably the Best Price Anywhere!

Black Walnuts_MABlack Walnuts grow wild, are hand-harvested and are indigenous to the USA. Native to 32 states; the ones I buy come mostly from the Midwestern USA. They are a healthy, nutritious whole food and are a versatile treat in many dishes. The Black Walnuts I buy are sourced from 16 different states. Hundreds of individuals from various locations in various mid-Western states gather them from lawns, fields and pastures after the nuts have fallen from their native trees. They are then delivered to a long-time family owned business, where they are processed and packaged. The incredible taste of these nuts has been described as “authentic”, “assertive”, “full-bodied” and “robust.” Bottom line, they have a distinctive flavor, much richer, much stronger than the English walnut varieties with which we are so accustomed. Black walnuts are not only wonderful in baked goods, ice-cream, cookies and candy, but they are also a distinctive taste treat in many entrees and side dishes. For lots of spectacular recipes go to Here are some health benefits of black Walnuts, some of which are higher than other nuts, including the common English varieties:

  • Low in saturated fats
  • High in non-saturated fats (healthy)
  • About 23 grams of protein per 3 oz.
  • Vitamin A
  • Iron
  • Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Cholesterol free
  • Sugar free

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