Build Your Own Cheese or Charcuterie Board with Fresh Figs, Cheeses, Chutney, and Cured Meats

The beauty of a cheeseboard or charcuterie platter is that you can add or take away any ingredients you want, however it suits your palate or the season. Fresh figs are a delicious indulgence as summer comes to an end, so eat up while you can!


  • Fresh black mission figs, halved and whole
  • Brie, sliced
  • A savory chutney or quince paste
  • Cubed or sliced hard and soft cheeses, such as Gouda, Brie, Cheddars, Blues, goat cheese, Swiss, or Gruyere
  • Cured meats such as salami and prosciutto
  • Dried fruits, such as Blenheim apricots, cranberries, apple rings
  • Nuts, such as pistachios, pecans (flavored or plain), almonds (flavored or plain)
  • Fresh fruits, such as grapes, apples, berries
  • Crackers, plain or seasoned, such as Rustic Bakery Artisan Crisps or Flatbreads, Carr’s Crackers, Bruschettini, or Crunchmaster Multi-Seed crackers.
  • Sweet or savory tea biscuits, such as Elegant & English Artisan Biscuits
  • Olives or other marinated options from Sigona’s Olive Bar

Directions: Arrange the ingredients on a platter in an appealing way, positioning similar items across from each other instead of directly next to each other. Enjoy!

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