The 12 Days of Cheesemas 2022

Rush Creek, the ultimate holiday cheese!

Here at Sigona’s, we’re celebrating The 12 Days of Cheesemas! Every day from today until December 24th, we will feature a different cheese available at a super sale price for one day only.

Each cheese has been hand-selected by Sigona’s Food & Cheese Curator, John Nava, some of which rarely ever go on sale!

Check out the lineup below to plan ahead so you get your favorite cheese while it is on sale!

The 2022 Cheesemas lineup:

  • December 13: Rush Creek Reserve, $5 off
  • December 14: Belper Knolle, $5 off
  • December 15: Sigona’s Moo-Na Lisa Reserve, save $5 per pound
  • December 16: Sigona’s Wale’s Tale, save $5 off per pound
  • December 17: Parmigiano Reggiano, save $5 off per pound
  • December 18: Swiss Emmentaler, save $5 per pound
  • December 19: Harbison, $5 off
  • December 20: Moser Screamer, $5 off
  • December 21: Sigona’s Belgium Bluebell, $5 off
  • December 22: Sigona’s Dream of the Mountain, save $5 per pound
  • December 23: Holey Cow, save $5 per pound
  • December 24: Swiss Gruyere, save $5 per pound

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