Recipe Roundup: Sigona’s Kaimana lychee white balsamic

This refreshingly tart-sweet balsamic is delightfully aromatic, presenting with notes of the tropics, melons, strawberries and citrus.

Kaimana lychee white balsamic has quickly become a favorite among customers and staff alike!

Use it for everything from dressing up a fruit salad or a chilled seafood platter, to making a cocktail or shrub. It also brightens up a glass of sparking water and makes for a cool, sweet dessert when mixed with gelatin.

Olive oil pairing suggestions: Basil, Meyer lemon, Navel orange, Persian lime.

Check out these serving suggestions:

The “Ultimate Ratio” for a simple balsamic dressing
Our specialty foods & cheese curator, John Nava, put together this simple, yet delicious, use for Kaimana lychee white balsamic and our Suyo cucumber white balsamic. Use the following ratio to make the dressing. Nava likes to use this to dress little bites, served on a toothpick or small fork, as an appetizer, using one of these two combinations detailed below.
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Roasted Delicata Squash Salad with a Kaimana Lychee white Balsamic Vinaigrette
This is a delightfully flavorful salad suitable for any time of the year. Recipe courtesy of Veronica Foods. Serves 4.
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