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Pictured: Owners of Waverly Kitchens, Rashmi Bhargava, (left) and Raj Bhargava (right)

Pictured: Owners of Waverley Kitchens, Rashmi Bhargava, (left) and Raj Bhargava (right)

Healthy Eggplant and Authentic Waverley Kitchens Indian Spices

At Sigona’s, we’re on a continuing search for the best new food items to enhance your cooking and impress your family. And we’ve found one that will really spice up your cooking — a wonderful spice combination that’s packed with flavor.

Get ready to whet your appetite with these newly-introduced Indian spices. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create the complex flavors of authentic Indian cuisine with Waverley Kitchens spice pacs.

Waverley Kitchens is a small, family-owned-and-operated business in Palo Alto. And it really is a family business! Founder Rashmi Bhargava created the recipes and spice blends based on her everyday home cooking. Her youngest daughter Devana developed the copy, and her son Varun designed the packaging.  Neha, her oldest daughter was responsible for branding and last, but not least, her husband Raj developed the product concept.

Waverley kitchens’ mission is to help novice cooks conquer the kitchen with fresh and healthy cooking. But even kitchen mavens will appreciate the care and quality of these lovingly developed spice blends.  Each spice packet includes a unique combination of two spice blends, a shopping list, and easy-to-follow cooking instructions

Waverley Kitchens was born after Rashmi’s son Varun went off to college. Rashmi wanted to make Indian cooking easy enough for him and the rest of her children to cook, while still retaining the taste and nutritional value.

Now, after mastering the idea of the spice packets, Waverley Kitchens is able to provide the same delicious meals to the community.

Waverley Kitchen spice packets are ready when you are– keep them stocked in your pantry for a quick, easy, and healthy meal anytime.


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