Recipe Roundup: Sigona’s Key Lime White Balsamic

Sigona’s Key lime white balsamic is unexpectedly sweet with floral notes that enhance glazes, vinaigrettes or marinades, seafood salads and beverages such as mixed cocktails, shrubs or simply with sparkling water. It also adds a bright, sweet-tart flavor to fresh berries or sliced fruit. 

Olive oil pairing suggestions: Persian lime, Meyer lemon fusion, Navel orange fusion, garlic, jalapeño, Baklouti green chili, olive wood smoked, Gremolata Milanese, any non-infused Sigona’s Fresh Press extra virgin olive oil. 

Serving suggestions:

  • Drizzle over cheesecake
  • Add a few teaspoons to a fruit salad
  • Stir a little into lemonade for a zingy twist
  • Make a shrub
  • Use it to make flavored water

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Vodka Tonic (or Gin & Tonic) with Key Lime Balsamic
Of course, G&Ts are best with a spritz of lime juice, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how refreshing the drink can be with a bit of our key lime white balsamic. Impress your guests with this unique, easy drinking cocktail. Serves 1.
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Vodka Tonic or Gin & Tonic with Key Lime Balsamic
Key-Lime Balsamic & Honey Glazed Salmon
This is a quick and delicious way to make a weeknight meal. The tart of the lime is mellowed by honey as well as the reduction process, creating a fantastically sweet, citrus flavor. Serves 2.
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Key-Lime Balsamic & Honey Glazed Salmon
Noodle Bowl with Slow Poached Chicken, Veggies and a Key Lime Balsamic & Miso Dressing
This veggie-packed meal will sharpen your knife skills and satisfy your craving for something savory and flavorful. Two chicken breasts will serve about 4 people, so prepare enough bowl ingredients accordingly. Recipe and photo courtesy of Veronica Foods. Makes 1/2 cup of dressing.
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