Cheesemas 2021 at Sigona’s

For the 12 days leading up to Christmas we will feature a different outstanding cheese for either $5 off per lb. or $5 off a round. These cheeses are all hand-selected by our specialty foods and cheese curator, John Nava. Following is this year’s line-up:

  1. Aries by Shooting Star Creamery
  2. Vampire Slayer by Calkins Creamery
  3. Marais Raclette Alpage
  4. Ur-Eiche
  5. Alp Cheese from Sigona’s adopted Swiss Alp Satteleggli
  6. Dream Weaver by Central Coast Creamery
  7. Green Hill by Sweet Grass Dairy
  8. Sigona’s Belgium Bluebell
  9. Rush Creek Reserve by Uplands Cheese
  10. Dream of the Mountain (a Sigona’s exclusive from Switzerland)
  11. Moo-Na Lisa Reserve (made exclusively for Sigona’s)
  12. Harbison by Jasper Hill Farm

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