Recipe Roundup: 18-Year Aged Denissimo Balsamico

This exquisite balsamic is made from the must of Trebbiano grapes grown in Modena, Italy. Following the Solera method, it is aged for at least 18 years in the traditional “Batteria” of Modena where it rotates through five different wooden casks made of mulberry, ash, oak, juniper and cherry wood.  

Denissimo is complex, rich, sweet and slightly tart It is dark and syrupy and boasts flavors of cherry wood, raisins and figs, and has a hint of dark chocolate and malt.

It’s a perfect finishing balsamic for main dishes, roasted vegetables, meats, cheeses or desserts. There isn’t any culinary application in which this balsamic won’t shine. 

Check out these recipes:

The Famous Tomato, Feta and Pasta Dish
Yes, it is good. And it’s even better, we think, topped with our 18-year-aged balsamic. You’ll love it!
Baked Feta & Spaghetti Squash Boats Finished with Sigona’s Denissimo Balsamico
Creamy, cheesy, flavorful, this dish gluten-free dish will become a favorite! The saltiness of the feta, combined with the sweet and slightly acidic tomatoes makes for a delicious combination. The briny kalamata olives, fresh herbs and a drizzle of our thick & syrupy 18-year aged Denissimo Balsamico add the perfect finishing touch. Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial. Serves 2-4.
Baked Feta and Spaghetti Squash boats with Denissimo

Our Denissimo Balsamico is luscious and syrupy enough that it’s perfect for drizzling over fresh or dried fruit and cheeses as an after-dinner treat. Try it with our Parmigiano Reggiano, you’ll love it!

After roasting a sheet pan of your favorite root vegetables and herbs, drizzle a little Denissimo Balsamico over the top for a sweet, caramelized flavor that complements the natural sweetness of the roasted veggies.

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