Robbie’s Produce Tips: Jalapeño Peppers

Robbie with Jalapeno peppers2“I like to add a little spice to my meals by using jalapeños when making guacamole. If it’s for me I’ll put a little more. If it’s for my family or friends I’ll go a little easier. Another favorite (when I’m not Gluten free), is to make a Sigona’s sandwich with bread, avocado, tomato and thinly sliced jalapeños. I’ve done this hundreds of times over the years and it I love the zing it adds to my food.”- Robbie Sigona

When picking jalapeños:

  • If you really like your jalapeños hot look for the peppers that either have the black color on them or the light colored lines that run vertical with the pepper.
  • They do vary, and you don’t always know how hot they are until you cut them so I recommend trying a little piece before completing your recipe.
  • After cutting the jalapeños you need to wash your hands well. If you get the juices on your fingers you can burn your eyes, nose or any other body part that you touch (ouch!)
  • When choosing jalapeños they should look bright and vibrant with a nice shine to them.
  • They should be firm. Older peppers will wrinkle up and get soft.
  • The stem should be fresh and green. Older peppers will have a brown/black colored stem.


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