Heirloom Blenheim Dried Apricot Recipe Round Up

heirloom Blenheim dried apricots

It’s no secret that the very best apricots in the world are grown locally in the Santa Clara and San Benito counties, and the very best type is an heirloom variety called the Blenheim.

John Sigona, Jr., has been purchasing dried fruits & nuts for our markets for nearly 45 years, so he knows quality when he sees (and tastes) it. We’ve worked with the same grower from Hollister all these years because of the quality of these gems.

Our heirloom Blenheim dried apricots are great for eating out of hand, for apricot pie, in trail mixes and for homemade granola bars. You can learn more about the Blenheim variety on our blog and then try some of these recipes!

Heirloom Blenheim Apricot Energy Bites with Cashews and Chia Seeds

Raw Energy Bars with Medjool Dates, Almonds & Heirloom Blenheim Dried Apricots

Sautéed Brussels Sprout Leaves with Persimmons, Heirloom Blenheim Dried Apricots and Walnuts

Sautéed Brussels Sprout Leaves with Persimmons, Heirloom Apricots and Walnuts
Recipe: Sautéed Brussels Sprout Leaves with Persimmons, Heirloom Apricots and Walnuts

Build Your Own Cheese Board with Fresh Figs, Cheeses, Chutney, and Cured Meats

The beauty of a cheeseboard or charcuterie platter is that you can add or take away any ingredients you want, however it suits your palate or the season. Fresh figs are a delicious indulgence as summer comes to an end, so eat up while you can!


  • Fresh black mission figs, halved and whole
  • Brie, sliced
  • A savory chutney or quince paste
  • Cubed or sliced hard and soft cheeses, such as Gouda, Brie, Cheddars, Blues, goat cheese, Swiss, or Gruyere
  • Cured meats such as salami and prosciutto
  • Dried fruits, such as Blenheim apricots, cranberries, apple rings
  • Nuts, such as pistachios, pecans (flavored or plain), almonds (flavored or plain)
  • Fresh fruits, such as grapes, apples, berries
  • Crackers, plain or seasoned, such as Rustic Bakery Artisan Crisps or Flatbreads, Carr’s Crackers, Bruschettini, or Crunchmaster Multi-Seed crackers.
  • Sweet or savory tea biscuits, such as Elegant & English Artisan Biscuits
  • Olives or other marinated options from Sigona’s Olive Bar

Directions: Arrange the ingredients on a platter in an appealing way, positioning similar items across from each other instead of directly next to each other. Enjoy!

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