June 2024 Olive Oil & Balsamic Sale Recipes

We put a new assortment of our infused olive oils and balsamics on sale each month so everyone has a chance to try them!

On sale in June 2024:

  • Red cherry balsamic
  • Wild raspberry white balsamic
  • Olive wood smoked olive oil
  • Meyer lemon fusion olive oil

Find these olive oils and balsamics on sale in our markets from June 5 – 30th and online from June 1 – 30th.]

Check out these serving suggestions:
Smoked Olive Wood & Cherry (or berry) Pork Marinade
Our savory, all-natural olive wood smoked olive oil makes a perfect marinade for meat or veggies that are going to cook on the grill. The flavor notes of smoked olive wood are similar to oak. Pork pairs well with cherries, so combining all these ingredients together makes a delicious sweet-savory meal that’s great for the grill. Serves 2.
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Olive Wood Smoked Oil & Cherry Balsamic Pork Marinade
Wild Raspberry White Balsamic Martini
This is a fantastic, savory martini with a hint of color that’s easy to make and is sure to impress. Our wild raspberry white balsamic is more of a grown-up balsamic in that it is more tart than our traditional red raspberry balsamic. Mixing vinegar in cocktails is a popular move by some of the trendiest bartenders, and is a combination you’ll just have to try to appreciate. Serves 1.
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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil & Honey Yogurt Tea Cake
This cake is perfect in many ways. The lemon flavor is bright and citrusy but is subtle enough it is not overwhelming, and the texture is dense yet fluffy, thanks to the eggs and Greek yogurt. You can serve this as is with the glaze or kick it up a notch with fresh berries or edible flowers. Serves 12 to 14.
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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil & Honey Yogurt Tea Cake
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