November 2022 Olive Oil & Balsamic Sale Recipes

For delicious and special Thanksgiving dishes, look no further than Sigona’s! On sale this month you’ll find the following olive oils and balsamics:

Pomegranate Balsamic

Satsuma Vanilla Cream White Balsamic

Herbes de Provence Olive Oil

Madagascar Black Peppercorn Olive Oil

These oils are on sale in our markets and online through November 30, 2022. Visit to shop and ship!

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Check out the following recipe suggestions for these infused olive oils and balsamics:

Roasted Butternut and Asian Pear Salad with a Pomegranate Vinaigrette
These flavors may scream fall, but sometimes you just need a hearty, comfort-flavored salad, right? Add cheese or leave it off for a diary-free option. Goat or Feta adds a nice salty and creamy factor, if you choose to use it, and pairs beautifully with the roasted squash and bright, juicy pomegranate seeds. Asian pears are crisp and hold up well in salads, but you can also use apple or pear. Serves about 6.
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Sigona’s Satsuma Whiskey Rickey
A citrusy and bright cocktail made with a little or a lot whiskey. We like using a little less than a shot to make a more refreshing cocktail with a slight whiskey taste. Meyer lemons get part of their heritage from the satsuma, so the sweeter flavor of the Meyer, rather than a regular lemon, lends itself beautifully to this drink. Serves 1.
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Sigona's Whiskey Rickey with Satsuma Vanilla Cream Balsamic
Herbes de Provence Thanksgiving Stuffing
Some like to stick to “simple is best” when it comes to stuffing for the holidays. Our Herbes de Provence infused olive oil helps keep a this must-have side simple while providing excellent flavor. Inspired by Serves 8 to 10.
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Pan-Seared Swordfish with Peppercorn & Lemon-Herb Butter
Swordfish is sometimes said to be the steak of the sea, so why not cook it like one? Giving the swordfish a good sear and allowing it to finish in the oven allows for even cooking and leaves the skillet with a fantastic base with which to make a quick finishing sauce. Inspired by Bon Appetit. Serves 2.
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Pan-Seared Swordfish with a Peppercorn & Lemon-Herb Butter Sauce

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